Friday, October 21, 2016

Why I do Trekking...?

My friends often ask me, "Why do you trek?" I become speechless. I don't know how to convince them. I am not good at convincing people by arguments. I think thats why I started writing. So, here I am writing about my experience of trekking.

Two years back, I got the job in QED42, Pune. Before that, I lived in my hometown. I never experienced hostel life, school/college tour or any kind of adventurous activity. I didn't even know the word "Trekking". I am from a small village and I used to travel by bus from my village to Hisar (Haryana), where I had my college and my first company where I worked for three years. Then I moved to Pune.

Pune was like new world to me. In QED42, boss was like a friend. Employees were motivator rather than competitor to each other. Just after one month of my joining, I was invited to our office's annual retreat. Here I got to know about trekking. We did other activities as well like jungle safari, rock climbing, rappelling and rafting. But the most amazing thing for me was trekking. I fell in love with mountains after that. Mountains taught me how to live.

I have learnt following lessons of life from trekking:

Grateful: You learn to appreciate everything and everyone in our life. You learn to respect the nature. You learn to thank yourself.

Overcome Your Fear: You may see many blockers and ridges while trekking. It becomes risky sometimes to cross those ridges. Here we learn to concentrate in our difficult situations. We have confidence to face any problem of our life.

Helping Hands: You will meet selfless people who are there to help you, to save you. You are also one of them.

More in Less: You learn to be happy with what you have. You learn to survive in difficult phase of your life.

Independent: You are out of your comfort zone. You don't have to expect anything from anyone. You can achieve everything.

Keep Moving Forward: Once you started, you don't want to look back.

Enjoy Your Journey: The path you are walking on is more important and memorable than the destination.

Friends for Life: You meet a lot of people in your journey. Few of them becomes friends for the lifetime. I have met few amazing personalities while trekking. But there are two that I want to mention, Sanket and Suyashi. Sanket, is the most humble person I have ever seen. He works like 18hrs a day to follow his dreams but still he is just a call away from me. Suyashi, I met her once only but talked to her a lot. I am not sure what to say about her, but she is a unique girl (though girl things don't suits her :P).

Love Yourself: While trekking you are with everyone but still you are with yourself. For me, mountains are the best place where I get to know about myself. It is like meeting a new amazing person who lives inside us. I promise you will meet a new you every time you go on a trek.


  1. Good going. Thanks for sharing your experiences Sumit.

  2. Awesome buddy. Not girly type han. xD


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